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A wedding. A graduation. A holiday. A business event. Whatever the reason, or, for no reason at all, we all want to be in the presence of great food, good wine and close friends.

BestFoodPlaces is teaming up with India’s Restaurants to provide diners with a search of great-tasting choices of cuisines from around the world in their vicinity! We also bring you Nutrition tips, and Healthy Food Habits in regular updates of our Food and Health Section.  Recognizing the growing health awareness in India, we also attempt to mark every Restaurant’s menu item with its associated health information.

Since dining-out is fast becoming central to Indian Life Style, and more and more Indians are also becoming interested in healthier food, this unique program is contributing to a healthier India by bringing together the restaurant industry’s culinary prowess with India’s quest for health.  
A love of food, wine, friends, and a knack for putting the three together in a way that’s unforgettable can only happen at a fitting Restaurant.  Find one to amplify your precious moments, here, at BestFoodPlaces.

Why "BestFoodPlaces"? is a Restaurant-Finder that helps you search Restaurants based on location, cuisine, and name. So if you are in an unknown city or even in your own city you can now search for the right places to eat out.... it's just a click away here at

You can also access interesting recipes and tips on Health and Nutrition.

We also offer a guide to order food online.

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