Poha Trail

What Dosa is to South India, Poha is to Indore…the singular most popular breakfast item! Every morning sees the city streets spurted with Poha vendors either on make-shift counters affront restaurants, or fixed spots occupied by thela-gaadis, all being thronged by regulars. And it’s not just the hostellers, wanderers, or tourists that frequent these Poha stalls, but most regulars are home owners wanting to consume this Indorian fantasy!

Kachori Trail

If you are from Indore, it is very unlikely that you have not tried the Dal-Kachori at Vijay Chaat House, Chhappan Dukaan! Indore is excruciatingly famous for food and amongst them the celebrated KACHORI. The city is strewn with thousands of Kachori vendors selling kachoris of various tastes and sizes. Let’s try and have just a few of the top notch Kachoris of Indore…

Dal Bafle Trail

Dal-Baati / Bafla is one of the most palatable delicacies of the Rajasthan and Malwa region, and Indore is famed in serving this legendary dish in its food-famous by-lanes!Mind you it’s a pretty heavy fare, and I find myself uncontrollably carried away while I am at the thali (“a large sized plate in which meals are served”) that serves dal-baati. Better had at lunch, I suggest you plan time for a midday nap, post this heavy meal!
For the few who are not aware of this amazing dal-baati feast…read about this exotic dish here.

Namkeen Trail

‘It seemed appropriately greasy and attractive pretty much like any thin fried noodle, except short and curly’. That’s a description of our very favorite ‘SEV’ as told by a foreigner!Sev is the king of all namkeens, but there is much more than just sev in this zesty world of namkeens. Today “Namkeen” is considered synonymous with “Indore”, not only in India but even abroad. And with the rising demand, it is but natural that several merchants have popped up in the market.

Shikanji Trail

Many confuse “Shikanji” for Nimbu-shikanji…but mind you here we are talking about Doodh-ke-shikanji! A rich, heavy drink made of thickened milk well-garnished with dry fruits!

My visit to Nagori Sweets was not planned as I had been there following my visit to the Cloth Market. My friends wanted to drink something nice, and we couldn’t think of anything other than Nagori’s. This was the first time I had tasted Shikanji, and believe me I was swept off my feet.

Tea Trail

Many a mocktail and cocktail that we might try, CHAI reigns to be the single most popular drink, especially in India! For Tea-loving Indorians this is one drink that they can have any time, 24/7.Apart from the unbeatable tea served by the local chaiwalas on the streets of Indore, a few specialty ‘Tea Shops’ have cropped up, serving some unique flavors of tea along with their own idea of ambience. Read on to see how a simple tea can be amazingly twisted...