If you are from Indore, it is very unlikely that you have not tried the Dal-Kachori at Vijay Chaat House, Chhappan Dukaan! Indore is excruciatingly famous for food and amongst them the celebrated KACHORI. The city is strewn with thousands of Kachori vendors selling kachoris of various tastes and sizes. Let’s try and have just a few of the top notch Kachoris of Indore…

As I mentioned, Vijay Chaat House stands on the top and you may just find yourself asking for more and more! The chutneys served with it are lip-smacking. While this one’s a landmark on Indore, more outlets can be seen here. You can also get Mutter-ki-kachori, although seasonal and subject to the availability of fresh green peas


Another legendary place with an amusing name is the ‘Lal Balti ki Kachori’ at Jail Road. For directions click here. This small joint is renowned for its Aloo-ki-Kachori served with a spicy green chutney. Their chutney is their USP, it being notoriously spicy, adding an almost heavenly taste to their Kachori. A symbolic red bucket with a light bulb in it, hangs outside the shop, lit to indicate that they are open and serving.


Ravi Alpahar is another popular Kachori joint serving Aloo-ki-kachori with special sweet chutney and spicy green chutney, adorned with raw crushed onions. Believe me, the kachori with all those toppings, turns out divine. You can never stop at one. This place is also known to server Fariyali Kachori that can be consumed during a fast.


Engineer-ki-kachori stationed at the illustrious GSITS crossroads, is another kachori joint that serves delicious, mouth-watering kachoris. And yes, you need not be an engineer to devour a kachori here.


Some free advice: Don’t visit multiple joints in a day, but one place at a time to enjoy them better … I can bet that you will love each place and will keep coming back for more!