‘It seemed appropriately greasy and attractive pretty much like any thin fried noodle, except short and curly’. That’s a description of our very favorite ‘SEV’ as told by a foreigner!

Sev is the king of all namkeens, but there is much more than just sev in this zesty world of namkeens. Today “Namkeen” is considered synonymous with “Indore”, not only in India but even abroad. And with the rising demand, it is but natural that several merchants have popped up in the market.

One of the oldest Indore has, to offer is Ratan Sev Bhandar, now at Old Palasia, Opp. Rafael Tower. The toughest part of buying Namkeen is to decide on what exactly to buy. With so many hundreds of options to choose from, the pick becomes a challenge of sorts. I couldn’t get over the crazy tasting frenzy here and it only added to both my temptation and my confusion. Finally I rounded up on a pack of Aloo Bhujiya, Fariyaali Mixture and their famous, immortal, Laung Sev.

ratan sev

The incessant crowd at Om’s Namkeen, New Palasia, speaks not only about the quality and taste they offer, but also how namkeen-crazy we Indorians are! From lunch to snacks to chai, sev is our most faithful companion! Om offers an almost endless variety of namkeens, from the fast moving Ratlami Sev, Bhujiya, and Khatta-mitha Mixture, to others like spiced-nuts, dal moth, fariyalis, and even some health- sustaining roasted namkeens made of unusual ingredients like bajra, jau, etc. You might give these a try.

Jan 24

Agrawal 420 Namkeen” has shops at many places, one of which is at Anand Bazar, It is also a very old and famous Namkeen brand of Indore. Their Gujrati mixture, Kashmiri mixture are some of the all-time favorites. Their Sev is also famous, and some people are even addicted to its taste.

Another well-known seller of a variety of Namkeens like, Lahsun Sev, Aloo Bhujia, Bikaner Bhujiya is “Aaakash Namkeen”, again co-located at multiple places. Aakash makes light and tasty namkeens and promises to make your snacking and evening tea more gratifying. The crispiness of these namkeens lends well to the texture and flavor of many a chaats.

Last but not the least is “Mahendra Ke Namkeen” which tables an assortment of nibbles ranging from different flavors of Sev, and Dal to Bhujiyas and Mixtures. I have a special liking for their salted Wafers though. They have an outlet at Navneet Plaza, Old Palasia.


The list is endless! Indore is undoubtedly a haven of Namkeens.