Many confuse “Shikanji” for Nimbu-shikanji…but mind you here we are talking about Doodh-ke-shikanji! A rich, heavy drink made of thickened milk well-garnished with dry fruits!

My visit to Nagori Sweets was not planned as I had been there following my visit to the Cloth Market. My friends wanted to drink something nice, and we couldn’t think of anything other than Nagori’s. This was the first time I had tasted Shikanji, and believe me I was swept off my feet. It is mildly sweetened thick milk, with a very subtle sour taste, augmented with the crunchy texture of dry fruits, served chilled. This cool and refreshing drink is heavy on the stomach and makes you want to skip your next meal. Go to 39, Bada Sarafa for a Nagori Shikanji.

A couple of days later, the Shikanji effect was still hounding me. I couldn’t resist my urge to have yet another glass. So I visited an equally renowned place for Shikanji …Madhuram Sweets. I wanted to keep some space for the other famed savories at Chappan, so this time I ordered for a small serving…and drank to the last drop. Extraordinary, is all I can say!


Caution: Have your favorite savories but do leave enough space for Shikanji or have Shikanji first and then decide whether you have the appetite for more.