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Many a mocktail and cocktail that we might try, CHAI reigns to be the single most popular drink, especially in India! For Tea-loving Indorians this is one drink that they can have any time, 24/7.

Apart from the unbeatable tea served by the local chaiwalas on the streets of Indore, a few specialty ‘Tea Shops’ have cropped up, serving some unique flavors of tea along with their own idea of ambience. Read on to see how a simple tea can be amazingly twisted...

Teas n More”, is a small place in the basement of Naidu Arcade that offers some amazing flavors of Tea along with a good collection of books to read with it. Their Masala Tea is one of my favorites. They also serve flavors like cardamom, ginger, and pudina, amongst others. Some unusual ones are chocolate, black lemon and black cinnamon. Many variants of Iced Tea are also on the menu, from the simple lemon iced tea, to strawberry, pineapple, kiwi, cranberry and more!

Another tea destination flocked specially by youngsters is the “Chai Bar” in New Palasia. With its lively ambience, great music, and creative interiors, Chai Bar has managed to attract chai lovers from all over town. When I tried their Khus Chai, I was blown away with the taste! Now can you imagine Namkeen Tea and Saunf Tea? Well that’s the kind of quirkiness they serve! You will love to have your choice of chai with their famous Maska-pav (buttered bread).


At Urban Gumti, some unheard flavors of chai can be attempted like Green Velvet Chai (Paan chai), Indori Bhiyo Chai (Sev ki Chai), and Shahi Chai (Dry Fruit Tea). If you love tea like me, then try the Iced Tea variants… Lemon and Mint Iced Tea, Mix Fruit Iced Teaand many more.


Before you plan a visit to one of these, make sure you visit the exclusive pages of these different chai outlets on our site to see what’s more on their menus.